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How to choose the perfect blinds for your windows

Updated: Oct 17

With such a wide variety of window blind options now on the market, it can be difficult knowing where to start. In this blog, we offer advice on the best blinds for different window types.

Blinds can offer versatile and stylish options that can enhance the look and functionality of any room in your home. Your blind choice should complement with the rest of your interior, so finding something that matches your décor is important. Blinds also provide a practical function by offering privacy along with light management. So have a think about what you want the blinds for e.g. keeping light out and/or additional privacy along with how you’d like them to look and operate.

In terms of choosing the most suitable window blind for your window, here are some suggestions:

Pleated blinds (cellular):

Suitable for all windows including Bay windows, Bifold doors, French doors and Single doors. The added advantage is the top of these blinds can also be shaped to fit an apex window too, depending on overall size required.

Pleated blinds are the most thermal energy efficient compared to most other blinds. This is due to air being trapped in the cellular structure of the blind acting as a thermal barrier. This barrier keeps heat out of the room during summer, but also they are excellent in winter too, by helping to keep the cold out and room warm when the blinds are closed. There is also the added benefit with some noise reduction as well. When pleated blinds are installed inside the window recess, they fit very close giving a modern stylish look. The ranges we offer are the ‘new generation’ of blinds which come in subtle plain, modern graduation of colour and textured colours plus the addition of some new modern prints. The fabric comes in 3 levels of light diffusion options, sheer, medium and blackout.

All blinds are available with either hand control, remote control or New Generation which has recently been launched. This new product offers ‘Blue Tooth’ technology for battery powered blinds which can then be operated by your phone App and can be programmed to open and close at certain times of the day. The blinds can also be operated using a voice activation system or a home automation system.

Roller Blinds :

These are a more cost effective way of giving shading into a room, but do not fit quite as close, as the pleated blinds in a recess as mentioned above. They are available with different types of fabrics, colours, textures and prints. Our range of New Generation roller blinds, offers fabrics which can be stain resistant, with the addition of New Eco friendly fabrics made using recycled materials.

These blinds can be hand operated or battery operated using a remote or New Blue Tooth Automation is available

If you are looking for blinds to perfectly complement your windows and home décor, and add that touch of elegance and practicality to your living space, we would love to assist you. We can show you different types of blinds to help you make the right decision to enhance your home style.

You can view a selection of our window blinds here. Please feel welcome to get in touch to book your free appointment on 0118 9732288 or email us through our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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